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Imagine spending time enjoying your lawn with your friends and family rather than constantly worrying about taking care of it.

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We all want a lawn that looks healthy and vibrant without the hassle and maintenance. Take the guess work out of helping your grass grow and helping your garden expand.


With our special blend of fertilizer that was specifically designed for the Treasure Valley area soil, your yard will get the nutrients it needs to meet its full potential.


Our fertilization program is a result of over 20 years of experience in the Valley. We often blend our own blend of product for different areas of the valley to fine tune the application to the soil conditions in your area.  We use a lot of slow release nitrogen. The slow release does not leach through the soil fast or release too fast to the grass allowing the product to last much longer and the grass to grow at a much more manageable rate.  As a result you get lush deep green colored grass and a controlled growth and less applications per year (4 applications compared to 5 or 6).  The product is also less likely to leach through the soil into the ground water, helping protect our water and environment.

Protect your yard

See your yard flourish in no time

Don't let the work and money that you put into your yard go to waste. Invest in our quality pesticides to keep external predators away from your yard and in their place.

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